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New York Traffic Tickets carry points, fines, surcharges, possible jail time and suspension and of course, insurance increases.  Give me a try send me an image of your ticket, NY Traffic Ticket Lawyer and info@ny-ticket-lawyer.com or, Fax it to #845-818-3905 I Have fought over 17,000 traffic tickets! Call (800) 584-3234
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NY Traffic Tickets, A Big Business

According to recent statistics, about 41,000,000 (yes that's million) speeding tickets alone (not counting all other traffic violations) are issued each year in the United States. In New York the police issue about 4 million tickets a year. Getting back to the overall statistics in the US, that boils down to about 112,328 speeding tickets in the United States every day! If we break it down further we would see that 4,680 people get a ticket every hour, while, every minute, about 78 people get speeding tickets in the United States. Many people claim that the biggest motivating factor in giving tickets in New York is revenue. For small towns which are lucky enough to straddle the NY Thru way (the 87 and 287) or other highways, traffic tickets are indeed a big source of income. Believe it not, speeding-related crashes were in 2011 a contributing factor in 30 percent of all fatal crashes. Sadly about 9,944 people died in the US due to speeding in 2011. The National Highway Traffic Security Administration in fact estimated that the total cost the economy was $40.4 billion each year.

NYC Tickets - Traffic Violations Bureau TVB

Brooklyn South TVB, Brooklyn North TVB, Bronx TVB, Staten Island TVB, Manhattan South TVB, Manhattan North TVB, Queens North TVB, Queens South TVB are the locations for the dreaded traffic violations bureau. In the TVB, there is no plea-bargaining, it is win or lose, all or nothing. Therefore it doesn’t work like a normal “court.” Here is how it works, and this is our approach: We show up first time, if cop is no show, we ask for dismissal, which they usually don’t agree to. If we show up 2nd time and cop is also no show, then they usually dismiss If we then show up 2nd time and cop shows up, we ask for new court date If we show up first time and cop is there, we ask for new date, which they usually agree to. Then if we show up 2nd time and cop is not there, we ask for dismissal, which they usually don’t agree to If cop shows up 2nd time, we get a new court date by posting a $40 refundable bail Finally it comes to either Cop doesn’t show and ticket is dismissed Cop does show and there is a trial If cop loses his notes and shows up without then, then we win If cop makes mistakes or contradicts himself, then we win. If cop testifies perfectly, and has his notes, even if he is lying, then we usually lose, because, of course, there is no plea bargaining.  

Upstate NY Tickets

The New York States Police are very busy on the Thruway giving speeding tickets, failure to yield to emergency vehicles, failure to signal, child seatbelt tickets. we handle Albany County traffic tickets, Allegany County speeding violations, Bronx County speeding violations, Broome County speeding violations, Cattaraugus County aggravated unlicensed driver, Cayuga County speeding violations, Chautauqua County aggravated unlicensed driver, Chemung County speeding violations, Chenango County aggravated unlicensed driver, Clinton County speeding violations, Columbia County speeding violations, Cortland County aggravated unlicensed driver, Delaware County aggravated unlicensed driver, Dutchess County speeding violations, Erie County speeding violations, Essex County aggravated unlicensed driver, Franklin County speeding violations, Fulton County aggravated unlicensed driver, Genesee County speeding violations, Greene County aggravated unlicensed driver, Hamilton County aggravated unlicensed driver, Herkimer County aggravated unlicensed driver, Jefferson County aggravated unlicensed driver, Kings County (Brooklyn) traffic violations, Lewis County traffic violations, Livingston County drunk driving, Madison County aggravated unlicensed driver, Monroe County aggravated unlicensed driver, Montgomery County aggravated unlicensed driver, Nassau County aggravated unlicensed driver, New York County (Manhattan) aggravated unlicensed driver, Niagara County traffic tickets, Oneida County traffic tickets, Onondaga County traffic tickets, Ontario County traffic tickets, Orange County traffic tickets, Orleans County traffic tickets, Oswego County traffic tickets, Otsego County Traffic violations, Putnam County speeding violations, Queens County traffic violations, Rensselaer County traffic violations, Richmond County (Staten Island) traffic violations, Rockland County speeding tickets, Saint Lawrence County speeding tickets, Saratoga County speeding tickets, Schenectady County speeding tickets, Schoharie County speeding tickets, Schuyler County speeding tickets, Seneca County speeding tickets, Steuben County speeding tickets, Suffolk County speeding tickets, Sullivan County child seatbelt tickets, Tioga County reckless driving tickets, Tompkins County Speeding violations, Ulster County cell phone tickets, Warren County cell phone tickets, Washington County cell phone tickets, Wayne County cell phone tickets, Westchester County cell phone tickets, Wyoming County Violations of traffic law, not to mention Yates County Speeding summons.